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    Chest Feels Painful When Menstruating?

    For menstruation, the symptoms that appear are natural. It usually starts a week before the menstruation actually occurs. There are various types of symptoms, ranging from mild to severe. Some may go to school or office when PMS appears. Do you have a sore throat when you are rationalized before PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) or menstruation? Is this a dangerous signal? Please check the reviews below.

    Chest Pain Diagnosis

    The menstrual cycle is determined by an increase in estrogen and progesterone levels. Later pregnancy is an important hormone to prepare the breasts and genitalia.

    Because these hormone levels change during the PMS eventually have a variety of symptoms that arise, and these symptoms are cumbersome or painful, including normal, how come. This hormonal change also causes other symptoms such as mood changes, the appearance of acne, and uterine pain during menstruation.

    However, you should be careful if you have chest pain that does not occur in the breast but occurs at the sternum.

    Be careful if your chest gets sick when you have tension, numbness, bruising, or tightness behind your chest after PMS.

    In particular, if you experience chest pain from time to time and last a long time, your pain does not disappear after menstruation is over. You should consult your doctor. Your doctor will check your condition and monitor your chest pain and heart condition.

    Because women can experience angina even during PMS. Angina is a condition in which blood flow in the heart area is blocked. This condition is overwritten on the back of the sternum and causes pain, such as radiation to the arms, neck and jaw.

    Chest pain can occur 1-2 days before the menstrual cycle, which is thought to be due to changes in hormone levels produced by the ovaries. Angina can occur when the ovarian hormone is at the lowest level of the menstrual cycle.

    Women with a history of heart disease are at greater risk of experiencing menstrual periods than women without heart disease.

    Chest Pain

    It is normal for your breasts to be full when your chest gets sick when you have a sexually transmitted disease around your chest. This pain is due to the enlargement of the breast due to changes in hormone levels. In general, this breast pain gradually decreases during and after menstruation.

    This pain is rational and is not a sign of breast cancer that some women may be afraid of According to Dr. Botefilia Budiman, Sp.OG, the mammary gland and breast are enlarged before the progesterone duration is increased. This is why breast pain is felt before menstruation.

    An increase in estrogen can stimulate the pain of both breasts and can spread pain to the arms and underarms.

    Overcoming Breasts During Menstruation

    If you have chest pain during PMS due to angina pectoris, you should consult your doctor for correct advice. However, if the pain is on the chest, you can reduce it as follows.
    • Use accurate and comfortable bras to reduce the impact of breast tissue.
    • Taking pain medication such as ibuprofen.
    • Avoid caffeine intake.
    • Choose foods rich in fiber, low in fat and rich in vitamin E and B6.
    • Manage stress with healthy methods such as exercise, breathing exercises, listening to music, and aromatherapy.

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