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    8 Negative Side Effects of Plastic Surgery

    Cosmetic surgery is performed to improve facial appearance for cosmetic or health reasons. However, like other medical procedures, plastic surgery can cause side effects and complications. Everything will not end that way, but you need to know the side effects of cosmetic surgery before you do plastic surgery.

    Various plastic surgery side effects The most common side effects of plastic surgery are facial swelling, redness, or pain after the procedure is over. In addition to these dangers, there may be side effects caused by anesthesia. But usually all these effects will sink themselves over time.

    The following are some of the side effects of plastic surgery and other complications that may arise.

    1. Wrong Result
    Maybe this is the biggest fear for plastic surgery patients. Instead of getting the face you've dreamed of, your appearance may be less satisfying.

    2. Scar
    Scars are part of the surgical wound healing process. Scars can be caused by skin damage that is enough to change the normal tissue of the skin during recovery.

    The appearance of scar tissue is not always predictable, but you can avoid smoking before and after surgery, maintain a good diet after surgery, and prevent it according to your doctor's recovery instructions.

    3. Nerve Damage or Paralysis
    In some cases, the nerve may be damaged or cut during plastic surgery. When the facial nerve is injured, the result is an inability to express the face or the eyes of eyelid drooping (the upper eyelid is falling)

    4. Infection
    The risk of wound infection after surgery can be caused by bacteria entering the surgery or after surgery, which can damage previous incisions. However, there is little chance of a surgical wound infection, resulting in only 1-3% of all cases.

    5. Hematoma
    Hematoma is a collection of blood outside the blood vessels. This condition can cause scarring of the surgical site after surgery and scarring of blood bags under the skin.

    In some cases, the hematoma should be large enough to cause pain and even prevent blood flow through this area. The surgeon may choose to remove some of the blood collected by a syringe or other similar method.

    6. Necrosis
    Organizational death can be caused by problems after surgery or surgery. In most cases, there is little or no risk of necrosis due to cosmetic surgery.

    7. Bleeding
    Like other surgeries, bleeding is a side effect that can occur after plastic surgery. Bleeding will continue even after excessive bleeding or when the wound heals.

    8. Death
    Death is the most common risk of plastic surgery. The percentage may be less than 1%. In many cases, postoperative death is caused by an allergic reaction to anesthetics.

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