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    5 Types of Exercises to Reduce Stress

    Daily activities can not be separated from stress. If you can overcome it, you can spend the day without anxiety or anxiety. On the other hand, if you can not cope with the stress of your heart, your quality of life will be low. You have difficulty thinking clearly, have trouble sleeping, and are unproductive at work. To relieve stress, you can start with exercise. What is the most effective exercise to reduce stress? Please read the following review.

    Is it true that exercise can deal with stress?

    Stress can affect your health from foot to head. Almost 77% of people who experience stress experience headaches, insomnia, anxiety, weight gain, muscle pain, indigestion, and impaired concentration.

    It is really difficult to eliminate stress without solving the source of the problem. However, learning how to cope with stress is the best way to suppress stress symptoms. One way to do this is with physical activities such as sports.

    "When you do physical activity, your body produces endorphins, which work to fight stress, so exercise can free you of various problems," said Coordinated Health's licensed athletic coach Frank Lupin said.

    In addition, the movement of the body actively works the muscles of the body to smooth the blood circulation. Along with the breathing exercises performed before and after exercise, this physical activity stimulates the body to become more comfortable.

    A variety of sports to reduce stress

    The sports that can increase your fitness while relieving stress from your mind are:
    1. Walking or brisk walking

    Walking is the easiest exercise. It is appropriate for people who have just started this healthy activity as a daily activity. Whether relaxed or active, repetitive foot movements can relieve muscle tension, calm the nervous system, and train your breathing well.

    Walking leisurely or taking a leisurely stroll can also melt your eyes. You can enjoy the shade of the park, which is rarely seen. In fact, you can have fun with your family, spouse or friends.

    To get started, do this activity for at least 10 minutes, twice a week. Gradually increase the frequency and duration of exercise in the next two or three weeks. Walk 30 minutes a day or walk briskly to manage stress.
    2. Dance

    Menari meningkat kelincahan tubuh ketika bergerak. Itu artyya otot dalam tubuh harus menegang from melakukan relaxasi. Selain itu, setiap gerakan juga meningkatkan detak jantung.

    Manfaat menari yang dapat mengurangi stress adalah tumbuhnya contact from hubic dengan orang lain. Misalya ketika Anda berusaha menyamakan ritme tarian supaya tetap kompak. Semua itu flowing mengalihkan pikiran Anda dari berbagai masalah. Otak is flowing in the fresh water, Anda dapat kembali berpikir jernih.
    3. Yoga

    Various yoga postures that make the body more flexible can reduce muscle tension. Exercise to concentrate your mind through deep breathing can cause relaxation in your body and is key to stress management.

    You can listen to yoga at home from the video as a guide, or just beginner yoga classes guided by a yoga coach. Yoga classes that can be selected to reduce stress include hatha, vinyasa ashtangam, or bikram.
    4. Tai Chi

    Tai chi, one of Chinese martial arts does not just rely on body movement. You must increase your concentration in all your workouts. This exercise increases physical flexibility and increases physical fitness.

    Mental health is also improved if this exercise is combined with taking enough sleep. The stress symptoms you feel will also decrease.
    5. Tennis

    Tennis sports need to be a pair so you can build bonds with others too. This movement requires gestures and concentration.

    If you feel satisfied and proud every time you get points, you can reduce stress. This exercise is also good for your heart health and can keep your blood pressure normal.

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