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    Headache After Pulling Teeth

    After a few days, if the headache disappears, can I pull out my teeth? Yes, there are people who experience headaches after pulling teeth. The headache is so light that it can not withstand, it never changes. In fact, why can you have a headache after removing your teeth? What should I do if this happens? Find the answer below.

    Why do I have a headache after removing my teeth?

    Basically, everyone does not experience a headache after tooth extraction. If you experience this, there are problems or problems that arise after tooth extraction. The procedure to remove the teeth immediately does not hurt my head. So, what is the cause?

    1. Facial Muscles Are Tense.
    The muscles around your mouth, neck, face and head are the same muscles. So when one part of the muscle is strained it definitely affects other muscles. Sometimes, in the course of pulling teeth, the muscles of the jaw and mouth are unconsciously tightened.

    It will cause cramping because it is too tense. This then affects the muscles of the head and eventually the headache occurs after pulling the teeth. In addition to headaches, you may feel sick or sick jaws.
    This tension can get worse if you are afraid to pull your teeth. This fear can make the muscles around your mouth and face nervous. Therefore, please trust your dentist to perform the surgery safely. Also, be reminded that if a doctor suggests that pulling teeth is actually performed. Failure to cancel will result in a much more painful problem.

    2. Neuropathy
    After removing the teeth, you may experience a nervous breakdown. Symptoms are usually experienced in the numbness of the tongue, gums, teeth and headaches. This condition can occur within days or weeks after tooth extraction.

    But this condition is very rare. If you feel any symptoms or symptoms, you should seek medical advice immediately.

    What if I have a headache after removing my teeth?

    Basically, the headache you feel can be caused by other conditions. It's not just because there's a problem with teeth and mouth. Consult your doctor immediately so you know exactly what causes the symptoms.

    To treat pain, use analgesics such as paracetamol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen. You can also massage your neck and head gently to quickly reduce pain. Massage can relieve pain and smooth blood circulation.

    If the headache persists without stopping, consult your doctor immediately.

    In general, if a headache is caused by an infection, your doctor will provide antibiotics to treat the infection you are experiencing.

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